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mClinica increases grassroots efforts with activation event in Vietnam in bid to address growing demand for SwipeRx in country

As the largest platform for pharmacy professionals in Southeast Asia, SwipeRx now counts more than 75,000 registered users since its launch in January 2017. In the Philippines, 1 in every 2 pharmacists is on the platform, and in Indonesia, it’s 1 in every 3. Though Vietnam is one of the newer markets for SwipeRx, the platform is enjoying the highest user growth rate for the entire region.
mClinica Regional Manager Beth Ann Lopez, who serves as the country head of Vietnam, accounts the incredible growth to the population’s digital savvy.
“A full eighty-five percent of Vietnamese in cities own smartphones, followed closely by seventy percent of their rural counterparts. Taken together, Vietnamese netizens are the seventh most active Facebook users in the world, and this fact only really hits me when I see how similarly fervently they have taken to SwipeRx,” said Lopez.
According to Lopez, Vietnamese pharmacists are using the platform to collaborate and network with one another, post questions and respond to each other on SwipeRx’s discussion boards, and apply for jobs. Soon, they will even be able to leverage the platform to look up medicines in a registered drug directory and take continuing professional development (CPD).
To the address this continually growing demand for SwipeRx in Vietnam, mClinica set up an activation event at wholesale market on Saturday, April 21, 2018. As part of the event, Lopez and the mClinica team in Vietnam – Phuong Phan, Viet Anh Nguyen, and Le Thi Hang – interfaced with local pharmacists, helped them sign up with SwipeRx on their iOS or Android smartphone, and answered any questions they had about the platform.
Lopez acknowledged that the activation event was by no means an elaborate affair, but such is reflective of the ethos the organization is adopting in Vietnam.
“The activation event wasn’t glamorous: We were just in the middle of the wholesale market, signing up pharmacists. But this kind of grassroots effort is kind of symbolic of what we hope to accomplish in Vietnam – we want to be front and center with all the pharmacists, focusing on one thing and one thing alone: their improvement as professionals,” said Lopez, who further added that anyone who wants to join mClinica on this mission may reach out to her at
Here are some photo highlights from the very busy event!:

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