Case study

How a leading pharmaceutical company educated pharmacy professionals at scale using SwipeRx


In this case study, you will learn how a leading multinational pharmaceutical company in Indonesia was able to achieve close to 5,000 digital CPD examinations completed across 34 provinces. To achieve the same number of CPD examinations completed using traditional face-to-face methods, our client would have had to conduct at least 6 face-to-face events per month over the same period.
With our digital CPD on SwipeRx our client improved pharmacy education at an unprecedented scale, while saving time and money. We offered an efficient and effective multi-touch mobile app that makes CPD modules more targeted.
Our client set out to address four key business objectives, including:

Educate pharmacists to provide better counselling and brand recommendations

Increase visibility on the demographic profile of pharmacists

Acquire a detailed report on knowledge gaps among pharmacists

Boost the number of CPD examinations completed from remote provinces without having to conduct face-to-face education

Our client was able to improve healthcare outcomes through SwipeRx – the largest digital platform of pharmacy professionals in Southeast Asia. Our solution succeeded in eliminating long lead times, improving coverage, lowering costs and monitoring the retention of information. As knowledge gaps are swiftly identified, our client can focus on their education efforts and improve sales margin simultaneously.
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