Moving pharmacies forward

Our story

SwipeRx, formerly mClinica Pharmacy Solutions, is a company dedicated to revolutionizing the pharmacy practice.

With our tech-based solution, SwipeRx is the all-in-one app for pharmacy professionals to connect with each other, find accurate drug and health information and access free Continuing Professional Development modules. We are dedicated to empowering pharmacies, advancing patient care, and transforming global health.

The limitations felt by pharmacies and the fragmented nature of the pharmacy channel was the catalyst that kickstarted SwipeRx.

We set out to help solve three of healthcare’s most challenging problems:

Limited access for pharmaceutical manufacturers, consumer healthcare companies and the public sector to reach the pharmacy channel.

Missed opportunities for pharmacy professionals to access quality medicines at the right price in the right time.

Insufficient pharmacy insights and lack of data to drive impact and improve heath outcomes in the community..

How it all began

Across many emerging markets, pharmacies are fragmented making it difficult for governments, NGOs and pharmaceutical companies to access pharmacies directly. SwipeRx was born out of the shared mission to connect these fragmented pharmacies on a common platform and place them at the center of care.

From the start, we have aimed to digitize aspects of the pharmacy practice in order to help our pharmacies be better informed, educated and managed in order to ultimately improve patient care at scale.

The SwipeRx platform has evolved to include B2B commerce capabilities, thus not only bring the pharmacy to the center of care but also connect them with the entire supply chain.

Our vision

To empower pharmacies to become the center of care.

We aim to unite the fragmented and disconnected pharmacy channel in Southeast Asia so they can streamline pharmacy operations and serve the needs of their communities to their full potential.

Our mission

To achieve this vision, we set out to create the largest digital pharmacy network in the region.

With SwipeRx, we aim to become the digital layer for the entire healthcare supply chain and provide singular access so that pharmaceutical companies, governments, and NGOs can access pharmacy and patient data and improve healthcare outcomes.

Our brand purpose

Farouk Meralli Founder and CEO, SwipeRx

I have long believed that pharmacies can dramatically impact the health of the communities they serve. Our goal is to unlock this potential through technology accelerating their public health impact. Every day we work hard to help empower pharmacies to better manage their pharmacies and better serve their patients. Every day we put pharmacies at the center of care.

What makes us different?

An innovative pharmacy solution

While we are focused on making a positive social impact and improving health outcomes, we also provide an unmatched offering that benefits the entire supply chain.

What makes us different?

Innovative pharmacy solutions

While we are focussed on making a positive social impact and improving health outcomes, we also provide an unmatched offering that benefits the entire supply chain.