Career FAQs

We offer a competitive salary and benefits. From a working environment perspective, we believe in creating an open and collaborative culture where our employees get the opportunity to not only do their best work but also contribute to a greater cause – improving healthcare outcomes throughout the region.

In terms of advancement opportunities, we are a small but growing technology start up. Our employees will gain exposure to a variety of job functions in the exciting health tech industry, which will prepare them for both lateral and vertical career moves. We also have a clear review and promotion structure in place for intra-company advancement opportunities.

You can proceed to the career section on our website to view and select available roles. From there you can fill out the required fields and submit your resumé accordingly. Alternatively, you can send your resumé to [email protected]. Please indicate in the subject line the role you are interested in. You may apply for more than one job position at the same time.

The length of the hiring process will vary depending on the role. Generally, it will take at least a week. However, high-level positions may take up to 4 weeks. Of course, it also depends on the notification periods in our employees’ previous companies. In general, the recruitment process is carried out within a period of 2 weeks to 2 months until the candidate joins the company.

We will notify all candidates on the result of their applications through email. You may also check the status of your application by sending a follow up email to [email protected]. If you were unsuccessful in your initial application, you can reapply for other positions after 6 months. 

Yes, SwipeRx is a non-discriminatory employer. Our focus is on job performance and culture fit.

Our vision is to become the largest digital pharmacy network in the world and connect the fragmented pharmaceutical supply chain so we can continue to help the people who matter most – the patient. To achieve that vision of creating maximum positive social impact for the communities that need it the most, we are strongly committed to doing our very best in every market that we operate in.

Our company values

Learn more about our values to drive an innovative and impact-driven healthcare movement.