How a multinational pharmaceutical company in Malaysia improved Affordability, Access, and Adherence with a digital Patient Assistance Program

Case study

How a leading pharmaceutical company in Malaysia improved medicine affordability, access, and adherence with a pharmacy focused digital patient assistance program


In this case study, you will see how a leading multinational pharmaceutical company in Malaysia boosted medication adherence and increased patient transactions by 30% month-on month for one of their leading brands.

With our digital Patient Assistance Program we were able to help the client overcome the challenges of affordability, poor access, low adherence and fundamentally, improve patient healthcare outcomes. We did this by meeting the growing demand for real-time connection with the pharmacy network and effectively tracking results over time. 

Our client set out to address three key business objectives, including:

Increase the number of refill transactions

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Understand the full patient journey from prescription to consumption

Minimize the percentage of fraud and misuse cases

We also exceeded their expectations by improving day-to-day operational efficiency, and improving their margins. As a result, our client benefited from more than 85,000 unique patients acquired across their portfolio of brands within two years. 

Download the full case study to find out what impact our digital Patient Assistant Program (PAP) had from a clinical, economic and humanistic perspective.

mClinica’s digital Patient Assistance Program is now part of IQVIA.

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