Pharmacy professionals need additional support to better fight against COVID-19

mClinica Pharmacy Solutions has conducted a survey on SwipeRx platform and revealed insights and actions required by pharmaceutical companies, governments and local communities that are applicable acrossthe Southeast Asia region. You might be interested in:    Coronavirus – How Southeast Asia is preventing a pandemic effect Coronavirus: Is there a cure in sight? COVID-19 aka […]

Thai Pharmacists Fear OTC sales following FDA decision

Most pharmacists will be able to tell you meaningful stories behind what motivated them to join the industry. When we asked Rungthip, a veteran pharmacist in Bangkok about her motivations, she told us the story of the time she moved her grandmother into a nursing home. While moving her belongings she discovered a shoebox hidden […]

Data: Most pharmacists in the Philippines agree with lowering CPD requirements

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) of the Philippines has recently decided to lower the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for pharmacists from 45 units to 15. Using our SwipeRx platform, we surveyed over 400 pharmacy professionals in the Philippines to ask them whether or not they were in favor of minimizing the CPD requirements. Read on to find […]