Sanofi Consumer Health Care and SwipeRx Collaborate to Launch Sanofi PharmAcademy, an Initiative to Revolutionize Pharmaceutical Education

Sanofi Consumer Health Care, a global leader in healthcare solutions, supported by SwipeRx, a leading digital healthcare platform, introduces the Sanofi PharmAcademy. This strategic partnership aims to redefine pharmaceutical education across Southeast Asia and empower healthcare professionals to make self-care more accessible to the communities that they serve.

Sanofi PharmAcademy launched in May 2023 at the Philippine Pharmacists Association (PPhA) Convention. The Academy then launched at the SwipeRx Indonesia Pharmacy Expo and Conference (IPEC) in June. Across the two events, more than 20,000 pharmacy professionals engaged with the PharmAcademy launch.

Sanofi PharmAcademy marks a significant milestone in the evolution of pharmaceutical education. Leveraging the SwipeRx mobile platform and Sanofi’s deep expertise in healthcare, this platform will provide a comprehensive learning experience for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

Through Sanofi PharmAcademy, participants will gain access to a wide range of educational resources, including interactive modules and practical training programs. The platform will foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among professionals, enabling them to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

“At Sanofi, we are committed to advancing patient self-care through innovation and collaboration,” said Maria Valentina Sposito, ASEA Zone Head of CHC Sanofi. “The partnership with SwipeRx allows us to create a transformative educational platform that equips healthcare professionals with the necessary tools to make self-care more accessible and ultimately improve patient outcomes. By marrying innovative collaboration and deep patient understanding, we take one more step in the journey to put health in the hands of our consumers.”

Farouk Meralli, SwipeRx CEO, echoed this same sentiment. “We are excited to join forces with Sanofi to launch Sanofi PharmAcademy By combining our digital pharmacy expertise with Sanofi’s industry-leading knowledge, we aim to empower healthcare professionals across the region with the latest information and skills needed to provide optimal patient care.”

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