The Digital Health podcast, where innovators, founders, and organizations that dare to revolutionize healthcare shed a spotlight on global health. Host Antonio Estrella speaks to Farouk Meralli, CEO and founder of mClinica Pharmacy Solutions, on Farouk’s public health and pharma experience that prepared him to transform the pharmacy structure in Southeast Asia. In this region, patients will visit the pharmacy 12 times per year.

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Providing education and patient care solutions to the women-led pharmacy industry across Southeast Asia, with Farouk Meralli

The Frontier Brokers Network and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade present the Investing in Gender Equality podcast, in which social entrepreneurs from Asia-Pacific discuss the impact of gender lens investing on their businesses. Host and gender lens expert, Dr Jodi York, speaks to Farouk Meralli, CEO and founder of mClinica Pharmacy Solutions about the role of gender lens investing and programming in helping to accelerate access to healthcare products and services to women.

Farouk emphasised that pharmacies continue to be an accessible point for people of all genders, ages, and ethnicities, and that mClinica is honored to play a role in empowering pharmacies to improve the health of their communities.

The following are some of the facts discussed in the podcast:

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