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Singularity University and the Qatar Foundation sponsor mClinica delegation to Future is Now conference in Doha, Qatar, calling the health-tech organization “the future of the healthcare industry.”

On March 16, 2018, mClinica COO Vasil Rusinov and mClinica Head of Public Sector and Policy Phoebe Elizaga flew half the world away to Doha, Qatar, for the Future is Now conference organized by Qatar’s Science and Technology Park, the Qatar Foundation, and Singularity University, a Silicon Valley think tank seeks to both inspire and equip leaders to solve humanity’s greatest challenges through new technology.
mClinica was one of only 30 tech companies from around the world who were offered a seat at the event. The official invitation stated that the organizers feel mClinica’s work “represents the future of the healthcare industry,” which complements the event’s theme of focusing on priorities and delivering impact.
In addition to full sponsorship of mClinica’s delegation by the Qatar’s Science and Technology Park, the health-tech organization was invited to present at “The Future 30 Pavilion” during the course of the two-day event and given an opportunity to speak about its eHealth innovations to the international audience of researchers, policymakers, and entrepreneurs.
While mClinica currently has no presence in the Middle East, mClinica Head of Public Sector and Policy Phoebe Elizaga was delighted to share best practices with fellow Future is Now delegates and attendees, particularly regarding the company’s flagship product, SwipeRx. Launched in early 2017, SwipeRx now counts more than 70,000 pharmacy professionals on the platform, including users across the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. SwipeRx now represents more than 18,000 pharmacies which reach 100 Million patients every month making it the largest network of its kind.
“When you’re trying to solve big problems, learning from peers who are trying to solve equally big problems can only help. I was especially happy to hear feedback from delegates across the globe that SwipeRx would also be relevant to their home markets. Getting this response only validates what we do day-in, day-out at mClinica: We’re addressing a real pain point in global healthcare,” said Elizaga.
The Future is Now conference was also notable because it marked the first time that Singularity University came to Qatar. Established in September 2008, Singularity University was backed by a who’s-who list of founding partners and sponsors, including Google, Autodesk, IDEO, LinkedIn, and Nokia.
That a Silicon Valley mainstay like Singularity University was demonstrating keen interest in Qatar and startups from other emerging markets attests to the scale of the opportunity in these countries. mClinica COO Vasil Rusinov was proud to share how SwipeRx was helping pharmacists across Southeast Asia in his talk to attendees.
“After presenting SwipeRx to the audience and listening to other entrepreneurs share their own innovations, one common theme emerged: We are not alone. We have a full ecosystem of other founders, investors, policymakers, and thought leaders who want to shape the world through technology, and I’m excited to join them in doing so. The future is indeed now, and it’s bright,” said Rusinov, who had been selected for Forbes’ signature 30 Under 30 list in 2017, shortly after mClinica launched SwipeRx.

mClinica Head of Public Sector and Policy Phoebe Elizaga and mClinica COO Vasil Rusinov at the mClinica booth in The Future 30 Pavilion.

mClinica COO Vasil Rusinov (second row, first on left) and mClinica Head of Public Sector and Policy Phoebe Elizaga (first row, third from left) at the welcome dinner with other delegates and representatives from the Qatar Foundation and the Qatar Science and Technology Park.

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